LOTUS 12" Hybrid Luxe Mattress
LOTUS 12" Hybrid Luxe Mattress

LOTUS 12" Hybrid Luxe Mattress

The NEW premium mattress features our cooling fabric so you stay cool all night long and fall asleep faster. The LOTUS Hybrid Luxe Mattress brings springs back in fashion with individually-wrapped coils which means zero motion felt from your partner.Enjoy the blissful feeling of your body floating on a cloud while still being supported where you need it most with our supportive Canadian made coil system. Using the latest in technology with copper infused foam. 
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We’ve spent years learning about sleep surface preferences, and have designed only the best features into the Hybrid Luxe Mattress.

Copper Cooling Airflow

Combines material science and innovative sleep technology to promote a cool, comfortable and cleaner night sleep.

Sleep Cool and Breezy

Best for sleepers or those that toss and turn at night. Our Copper infused Memory Foam for pressure point relief on your hips and shoulders.

Upgraded Support

Our exclusive Hybrid support coil offers up to 4x more pressure relief by filling in the nooks and crannies of your body.

The LOTUS Advantage

Comfort + Support

The most comfortable mattress you’ve never slept on. On a cellular level, LOTUS’s unique open air cell foam provides optimal comfort, firmness, and support, without pressure points.

Advanced Coil Support

With tempered Canadian steel, you can rest easy knowing this spring mattress is built sensibly, and sustainably.


Made with copper infused fabric and non-toxic padding, there's no opportunity for bacteria to breed in this mattress. 

Copper is a well known and proven broad-spectrum antibacterial element that kills 99.9% of bacteria in contact with it.


Our Hybrid Luxe mattress with copper wicks away just enough heat to keep you where you need to be for a great night’s sleep: not too hot, not too cold. If we didn’t know it was science, we’d say it was a cooling mattress miracle.


Our dedicated team has have honed and perfected their craft over time. You can rest assured knowing that every LOTUS Mattresses are exceptionally crafted to help you curate the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Try LOTUS for 100 Nights

With LOTUS you get 100 nights in the comfort of your own home.

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