LOTUS Flip Mattress (2 sided)
LOTUS Flip Mattress (2 sided)
The LOTUS Mattress - ModernMattress
The LOTUS Mattress - ModernMattress

LOTUS Flip Mattress (2 sided)

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The LOTUS Flip Mattress is the first flippable mattress in a box in Canada!

Truly Supportive

LOTUS® Flip is a medium-firm mattress with a supporting feel and pressure-point relief for all sleeping positions.

  • Supportive spinal alignment for side sleepers
  • Balanced support for back sleepers
  • Pressure-point relief for stomach sleepers

No More Sleeping Hot

LOTUS® Cool cover and Arctic Ice cooling gel foam layer absorb more heat with faster dissipation, giving you a cooler sleep.

  • Moisture-wicking bamboo and copper infused cover
  • Breathable Arctic Ice cooling gel foam
  • Fast infrared heat dissipation

Long lasting comfort

Our Lotus Flip Mattress give you the ability to use both sides of the mattress. If you feel your mattress a little softer, just flip it over for a new firm feel.

Designed in Saskatoon

All of our foams are produced in Canada. The fabric used in our LOTUS® Flip Mattress is produced by a family textile company in Montreal Quebec.

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