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NEW LOCATION! Saskatoon Grand Opening June 1, 2024
NEW LOCATION! Saskatoon Grand Opening June 1, 2024


Excitement is building as the renovations of our Saskatoon store continue to unfold, revealing the fresh and innovative space that Modern Mattress is known for. As we draw closer to our grand opening on June 1st, we’re thrilled to share some of the latest developments with you.

A Fresh New Look

This week marks a significant milestone in our transformation journey—the installation of our new back sign. This sign is not just a label, but a beacon of our commitment to quality and comfort, guiding the community to the best sleep solutions in town.

Inside the store, the revamp is equally impressive with interior painting well underway. The chosen colors and finishes reflect our brand’s serene and welcoming ethos, promising an inviting atmosphere for all who visit.

Preparation for Perfection

On Tuesday, May 7th, we are expecting the first delivery of floor model products. This array of top-tier mattresses and sleep accessories will showcase the quality and innovation that Modern Mattress stands for. Each item has been carefully selected to provide our customers with unparalleled sleep experiences.

Leadership and Oversight

Ensuring that every detail is perfect, our store manager, Chad, has recently relocated to Saskatoon. His presence on-site is instrumental in keeping the renovation process on track. With Chad’s extensive experience and dedication, we are confident in a seamless transition to a beautiful, fully operational store.

Countdown to Grand Opening

As we count down the weeks to our grand opening on June 1st, the anticipation within the community and among our team is palpable. We look forward to welcoming you to our newly renovated Saskatoon location, where we promise not just a store, but a revolution in sleep quality and customer service.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the grand unveiling. We are excited to begin this new chapter in Saskatoon and continue serving our community with the best sleep solutions. Your dream sleep awaits at Modern Mattress!
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